CurlPerfect Shields

CurlPerfect Shields

3 sizes
  • $9.00
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CurlPerfect™ Shields are the heavy-lifters in the lash lifting process. Coming in 3 different sizes, these shields determine the level of lift your client will receive. With precisely shaped silicone bodies, the CurlPerfect™ Shields are designed to give a distinct lift to natural lashes—bye bye barrel-curl lash perms!

+ 5 pairs of shields per box
+ Each size sold seperately 

Keep shields in a covered location until use.

Using CurlPerfect™ Adhesive, adhere the flat side of the shield to the client’s eyelid, and press down gently until dry. Then use the CurlPerfect™ Adhesive to adhere the natural lashes to the front of the shield.

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What do you charge for this service?
In our salon, we charge $80 for a basic lift and $120 for a lift + tint but you can certainly charge what you feel is fair market value in your area.

Does Sugarlash PRO sell tint?
No, at this point in time we do not carry eyelash tint. In the video, it does show you how to apply tint - so if you are wanting to add the tint to the service you may source your own line of tint to use.

What if I don t want to tint lashes with the Lash Lift procedure?
Then you would simply go from the setting lotion right to the oil to release the shields and would skip the tinting step.

How long should I advertise the Lash Lift to Last for?
6-8 weeks